底特律怜悯社区大学的成员在打击covid-19危机不同方式加紧。我们在这里分享他们的故事。如果你有一些贡献,请联系 marcom@udmercy.edu.



Photo of Mary Serowoky with mask on.Mary Serowoky enjoys making a difference in the community as the lead nurse practitioner in Henry Ford Health System’s school-based 和 community health program. When the COVID-19 crisis forced her program to temporarily shut down, she still wanted to help people.

So when the Global Health Initiative at Henry Ford and the 底特律 Health Department made a call for volunteers to go into nursing homes, senior housing 和 adult foster care facilities to test for COVID-19, she signed up.

“我的工作一直在社区环境,说:” serowoky,在网赌app|好的网赌平台临床副教授在家庭护士执业程序。 “我的工作一直与弱势群体。我不是一个ICU护士,所以我不能去那样的前线。但我有很多社区和公共卫生的技能和我觉得我需要给回在某种程度上,这是我能真正做到。


Serowoky has been volunteering with the group through several phases. The first phase was testing residents 和 staff for COVID-19.

“We were able to meet vulnerable populations in the community, who should not be going out, and who are at high risk for having the infection spread in those environments,” Serowoky said. “We started expanding some of that testing to staff 和 provided resources to staff regarding good section control practices.

“It’s gratifying to see the good work that all the staff are doing, it makes me proud to be a healthcare provider to know people are in it for the right reasons. And they’re doing the right thing to provide comfort, care 和 healing in any way that we can.”


“我们去的住宅,并确定他们是否呈阳性,他们有没有症状,但我们已经看到那些检测呈阳性,并没有症状或症状轻微的人相当数量的” serowoky说。 “然后也看到,如果我们能够回到跟踪,并找出谁,他们可能已经接触才知道自己是病,说自己可能感染该人或谁,他们从收到的感染是的。”


“Helping people feel like they’re not alone and not forgotten, and letting them know we are concerned and worried for them,” Serowoky said. “The residents, when we show up, their eyes kind of light up. It’s another face to talk to and for them, it’s a way to see how things are because they can’t get out, so they can’t see what’s going on. All they know is they are stuck in their room, they can’t go to the common dining room and they don’t have the normal activities. Socialization is one thing a lot of them crave and to know that they matter 和 haven’t been forgotten about.”


“我们打了很多追赶的权利,但我也相信,如果我们有足够的人这样做,我们也许能得到某种正常的,因为这将是我们长期时间,” serowoky说。 “它可能不会到这个程度的混乱和担忧,但我们必须开始寻找我们的社区和环境的不同,使我们没有混乱和绝望,以及大量的死亡和悲伤。这将有助于我们回到我们的工作和我们的生活。”


“这是好的网赌平台采取在我们的社会弱势群体的关怀,” serowoky说。 “这是参加到他们的情感和精神需求,以及他们的身体和其他需要。它是一个城市的人,在城市和一个人对他人是“。

Serowoky is not only making a difference through her volunteer work, but also feels it will help her as an educator at 底特律 Mercy.

“I’ve had the chance to interact with folks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who came to Detroit,” Serowoky said. “They’re working on curriculum with the 底特律 Health Department and other partners to be able to make sure we’re infusing these concepts in nursing, PA 和 all of these areas. It’s a curriculum development opportunity.”


Physician Assistant student Jessica Sherbin poses in front of the masks she's made to donate.



底特律怜悯医师助理(PA)学生给她的时间在整个密歇根州东南部的多个组织。 sherbin也作为志愿者椅子的威廉博蒙特社会,医师助理的美国学院的学生社团的大学的章。

So when Charles Regan, an assistant professor in 底特律 Mercy’s College of 卫生专业, approached her near the end of the winter semester about producing homemade masks to donate, Sherbin did not hesitate.

“Without a doubt in my mind, I thought how meaningful this project would be, as wearing a mask has become an essential part of our wardrobe when leaving the home,” said Sherbin, who is in her second year of 底特律 Mercy’s PA program.

Sherbin facilitated the project, gathering fabric and elastic for assembly kits to deliver to those helping create the masks. Sherbin, 12 PA classmates and their families, 和 two 底特律 Mercy professors teamed up to craft over 250 sewed masks for distribution.







“我们决定挑选色彩鲜艳和令人振奋的模式,让那些穿起来不仅保护,但能带来幸福一点点,而所有在口罩的他们可能会遇到,” sherbin说。


“I have always been extremely passionate about giving back and donating my time to the community,” Sherbin said. “This project would not have been possible without the help of my fellow PA classmates; it was truly a team effort. This project turned out to be much larger than I anticipated, making around 250 masks, and I am proud to be a part of such a strong 和 caring program giving back to a wonderful community.”


“Throughout these diverse experiences, I have found volunteering to be refreshing, fulfilling and enriching,” she said. “More importantly, I have learned valuable life lessons and met amazing people along the way. Although some of these experiences may be small, they can make a big difference in the lives of others and the community, 和 make the world a better place.”

- 里奇林赛


Justin Prinstein '12, second from left, celebrates his 国际 Stars Baseball Academy team winning a youth league championship.


这个春天是贾斯汀有点不同prinstein '12。

He would normally be occupied with baseball, working as an international crosschecker for MLB’s Cincinnati Reds 和 executive director of 国际 Stars Baseball Academy, a nonprofit that introduces the sport to children in 底特律.



After two months off, some professional leagues have resumed play in North America, but many questions 和 unknowns surround youth sports. A second wave of the coronavirus could shutter any hope of a return this year.

Prinstein, an alumnus of University of 底特律 Mercy’s School of Law, doesn’t know when 国际 Stars will be able to resume its programming. In the meantime, he has used technology to continue having a positive impact on children.

prinstein和他的团队已经发布了棒球技巧和国际明星提供支持 Facebook的, Instagram的YouTube的 页面。一部影片的重点是手臂力量练习;另一个显示孩子怎么办守备演练只用一个网球墙。

“We've mostly been working on trying to provide much-needed baseball advice and emotional support to our participants and their families, 和 guiding our staff throughout this unprecedented time,” Prinstein said.

国际 Stars plans to resume operations when deemed safe 和 appropriate, “but figuring out how is difficult,” Prinstein said.


“我们的工作才刚刚开始在这充满挑战的时代摆在面前,” prinstein说。

To learn more about 国际 Stars, visit isbaseball.com.

- 里奇林赛 



Lydia Jacob poses for a photo in her hospital.医院在整个底特律已经在过去两个月的限制病人的探视,以协助打击covid-19的传播。医护人员像肥姐雅各'17有空隙,通过数字化手段已经超出了正常的职责,帮助填补。

Jacob works as a registered nurse in Troy Beaumont’s medical surgical intensive care unit. She has helped patients communicate with family and friends throughout the coronavirus p和emic, recognizing the additional role nurses are shouldering to provide comfort.

“我一直在床边,拿着一台iPad了我的病人的脸让自己爱的人能看到他们,”雅各布说。 “我花了无数的时间讨论我的病人的家属 - 的地步,我认识到自己的电话号码之前,他们甚至自我介绍。”

Over the past two months, Jacob has worked additional hours to assist her unit 和 new nurses who are onboarding. She’s also become a “superuser” for the hospital’s Tablo dialysis machine as COVID-19 patients can experience kidney damage.

Despite being t这里 for patients and her colleagues, Jacob has experienced the lows of COVID-19, 和 it’s had a heavy impact on her.

“我见过扒掉一个幸福的心爱的人的脸,谁被激发好的网赌平台进入医学院成球他的眼睛时,告诉他的父亲有不到12个小时,活出去了,”她说。 “听到他们的呼声,看到他们的眼泪是你永远无法得到你的头了。”


“It is instilled in me, to this day, that we have to remind ourselves the importance of human-dignity, respect and compassion,” she said. “We are taught to use our morals and values to help strengthen our community, 和 ourselves.


- 里奇林赛 



Timmy Nelson '11 poses during the 学生生活 video game stream.With 底特律 Mercy transitioning to online learning in mid-March during the COVID-19 p和emic, several student-centric events had to be canceled. But going digital wasn’t going to keep the University’s 学生生活办公室 from providing programing for students.



尼尔森使用 his popular Twitch account, trueTIMfoolery,主持4月24日四小时流,他很高兴与学生的参与。

“学生生活 was eager to tap my established social media resources 和 rapport with students on the McNichols Campus. I stream regularly after work, so offering to help the University’s students during this time was a no-brainer,” he said.

党式的视频游戏是晚上为学生的亮点。尼尔森用自己的任天堂开关流从jackbox方包游戏,如琐事杀人方2与drawful 2,这让观众通过互联网连接和智能设备实时流光参加。

“Drawful 2 is similar to Pictionary and always exciting. You receive completely random prompts to draw on your phone — with no erasing allowed — 和 have other players guess what monstrosity you created,” Nelson said. 


"We are already brainstorming more stream ideas for the students into the summer and beyond,” Nelson said. “Possibly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments, Bob Ross-style art streams, mental health check-ins, movie watch parties 和 more.”

看球赛晚上流,访问的回顾 //www.twitch.tv/videos/601768686.

- 里奇林赛 

Baking a difference in the community


Annie Acho-Tartoni holding a tray of cookies.Over the past several weeks, people across Michigan have been trying to navigate stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, the change in daily routine and inability to spend time with friends 和 loved ones is difficult.

It’s no different for 底特律 Mercy sophomore Annie Acho-Tartoni. She misses being on the McNichols Campus, around classmates, friends and faculty. It’s also painful seeing what the United States and countries across the world are experiencing during this p和emic.

“逗留在家中的订单已经很难对付,并一直是个挑战时间对我们所有人来说,”安妮说ACHO-tartoni。 “它创造了挫折,抑郁和焦虑。”



“While wearing gloves and a mask, I have baked over 300 cookies within the past two weeks and packaged them into cellophane bags to pass out to our local fire and police department, priests, friends 和 neighbors in the community, some of whom are elderly,” she said.

回馈社会是非常重要的ACHO-tartoni,谁是在底特律怜悯5年的MBA课程。她说,她的爷爷奶奶,罗恩ACHO '69和丽塔(邦尼奇)ACHO,有在职学习功不可没榜样。罗恩和丽塔遇到了作为大学的学生。

“They both have played a huge role in my life, especially when it comes to my faith 和 doing acts of service,” Acho-Tartoni said.


“Watching the many Detroit Mercy Titans who have made a difference during this time motivated me to do my part and help others,” she said. “I am so thankful 和 proud to be a part of the 底特律 Mercy community.”


“So many people are helping to protect us from the virus and keep us safe,” Acho-Tartoni said. “It was so moving to see how appreciative they were 和 how this small act of kindness helped lift their spirits during this time.”

- 里奇林赛


Updated 9:33 a.m., April 29

Demeisha Fambro in her police gear.Demeisha Fambro ’13 was a four-year letter winner for the Titans women’s basketball team 和 a member of the WBI championship team as a senior in 2013, one of only two 底特律 Mercy teams to ever capture a national postseason title.


“Right now, I am helping out our medical section,” Fambro said. “Officers that are in quarantine or have been exposed to COVID-19, I am in touch with them and seeing what their symptoms are and seeing where they are in the process of coming back to work. As a police officer, you want to be out there and working. We work doubles, we sacrifice, so for a lot of these officers, I hear it every day that they just want to be back to work. We know the risks and you don't know if today will be your last day, but this is our job 和 we don't want to be at home, we want to be out t这里 helping with this situation.”


“那是希望成为一名警察的任何招,我处理和做他们的背景,使他们能够持证,​​” fambro说。 “我想了很多的工作是要谦虚。我看到很多新兵来这里,你会得到他们正在寻找的权力,因为你有徽章的意义,但它是好的网赌平台谦虚和帮助的人。底特律是世界上最好的警察机构之一,它是好的网赌平台学习,并帮助我们的社区。要谦虚,与人交谈,并成为城市的一部分。”


“I was playing overseas in Portugal and I got injured and when I came back, nothing really fit me. I wanted to go back and play, but it just didn't work out and getting a job sitting at a desk all day was not for me,” Fambro said. “I thought about it and said, it's about time that I join the police force. I always wanted to be a police officer. I remember when I was a kid, my friends and I would play cops and robbers and a lot of my friends wanted to be the robber and I was the cop. I wanted to be the one with the fake handcuffs 和 chasing people down, so I was always interested in the law even when I was little.”


“纪律方面帮助我,演奏和保持形状只是运动能力通过各项测试,并维持该水平,” fambro说。 “这是不容易在大学和学科,我学会了每天帮我。没有一天是一样的,有很大的人际交往,我得到帮助的人。你穿了很多不同的帽子作为一名警官,当我在那里,我就像大姐姐,帮助人们在他们的最低点是惊人的。”

- 由PJ gradowski 


Updated 10:20 a.m., April 27

Shelley Howard, left, 和 Destiny Proffett, right, headshots.Shelley Howard is busy. She has a child in fifth grade, one in seventh grade and one who is a freshman in college. She has a full-time position at a child care center 和 returned to college in September to pursue a master’s degree in Criminal Justice at 底特律 Mercy.

As the coronavirus worked its way across the United States, her employer closed for safety reasons 和 she found herself without a job. This was weeks before Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a shelter-in-place order closing all nonessential businesses.

“I didn’t know what to do, with my three kids and no job 和, at that point, I didn’t know what to do about unemployment,” Howard said.


It was t这里 she read about the University’s COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund, set up to help students who suddenly found themselves in financial difficulties as the coronavirus strengthened its grip on Michigan.

“我很高兴地看到,因为它是越来越种岩石,”她说。 “一看就知道它是可用的,并收取资金是这样的祝福。”


索查说,第一轮的21名学生谁申请被授予总计$ 10,222。如4月21日,另外22名学生申请,委员会通过他们的要求工作。

Destiny Proffett is finishing her freshman year. A ReBUILD student, she is double-majoring in Biology and Philosophy with eyes on medical school. Due to her home circumstances, she was unable to move home when students were encouraged to do so. She is living in the dorms, but dietary and health issues restrict what she can eat, 和 she needs to buy her own food.

“I am doing what I can with other resources, but it hasn’t been enough,” Proffett said. “These funds will help buy me food.”

通过 far, most students have asked for the full $500 allowed through the fund. They are asked to choose from a number of reasons why they are requesting funds including food insecurity, health and medical expenses, essential utilities, technology to allow them to participate in online classes 和 emergency housing, most say they need the funds because of the loss of their job.

“同学们都难以置信的感激,”索查说。 “很明显是有重大的需要和大学很高兴能来通过为学生在需要的时候。”


霍华德也趁着其他程序的入不敷出,她正在接受来自家庭成员的帮助。 “我拿着我自己的,”她说。

她还在忙碌。 “现在我的老师和妈妈和本金和社会工作者,午餐和晚餐的女士,”她笑着说。她认为实力她的信念。

“I know a lot of people in way worse situations than I am,” Howard said. “I hope they know about this program, because it’s a huge help.”

目前,我们有更多的需求比我们做的捐款。促成这个基金,请访问: //www.justgiving.com/campaign/emergencyfund. 

- 由Ron伯纳斯


Updated 9:09 a.m., April 24

Ashtar Warda poses in nursing garb next to a Superman statue.当底特律怜悯大二阿斯塔WARDA与我们这个星期早些时候谈到,她刚刚完成了亨利·福特医院的外科和心血管重症监护病房连续工作22天。

Battling COVID-19 on the front lines doesn’t come without stress. Warda, a certified nursing assistant who is in the Health Services Administration program at 底特律 Mercy, says the experience has been humbling.

“I realized that when you stretch yourself beyond your limits, you must let your success serve more people than you,” Warda said. “My success is when our team is able to extubate a patient off of a ventilator who has had respiratory distress from COVID-19. I have a positive attitude on a daily basis coming to work 和 by being consistently positive eventually has turned into a habit.”


“我从来没有谁已经在一个星期去世比我现在做的这么多病人,”她说。 “许多covid-19的患者有呼吸窘迫,温度和底层这不利于与被攻击的系统病毒的健康问题的历史。”



“We must wear a surgical gown, double glove, wear an N-95 mask, wear another surgical mask over the N-95, 和 wear goggles,” she said.





“I absolutely love what I do and I do not feel that it is work. It is my calling,” Warda said. “I have found myself being naturally optimistic and hopeful no matter what is happening within me or around me throughout this p和emic.


- 里奇林赛 

A quick phone call makes a world of difference

Updated 1:34 p.m., April 23

a young woman on a phone callLast week, as undergraduate students prepared for this week’s online final exams, staff 和 faculty reached out to see how they were doing.



“这是一个非常,非常积极的经验,”威廉姆斯说。 “我很高兴有多少学生回答自己的手机。”语音邮件留给那些谁没有回答他们的电话。




“这是很好的机会,与学生交流,我们有时可能不是因为那是一年的正常结束时在校园去的一切,”她说。 “和同学们都非常感激。”

- 由Ron伯纳斯 


Updated 9:32 a.m., April 23

写作中心 students pose with their laptops while doing work for the center remotely.网上课程的过渡对于一些底特律怜悯学生进行了重大调整,但写作中心又是做什么可以帮忙。



“The only adjustment was to get my newly hired consultants trained 和 ready to go in the online environment,” 写作中心 Coordinator Cindy Spires said. “Because I anticipated the change to online instruction — as I watched the ripple effect of COVID-19 — in the last week before we went on hiatus, I got all of my newly hired student employees trained using the online system.”

瓦尼亚noguez,谁将会从毕业5年MBA项目今年5月,在写作中心已经工作了三年。 noguez说,她觉得她还是有对学生产生积极的影响。

“在学年期间,在线平台是通勤学生一个很好的选择,或为那些谁不能因自己繁忙的日程来,” noguez说。 “而一些喜欢的人约会,网上的选择是非常易于浏览。

“With the current COVID-19 situation, this online option has been expanded and has allowed us to tutor more students remotely. It makes me happy knowing that we are helping students get access from different states, 和 even different countries using this technology.”


“许多学生在网上会议的参与已经很大了,说:”布莱基,谁是顺式网络安全方案的大三学生。 “我们继续创造那里的学生有宾至如归的感觉的环境。如果学生是响应与我们正在做的工作,我得到那种成就感,然后我说,我们已经尽我们所能提供的帮助。我总是问,如果会议是在不管最终有帮助的,我一直得到积极的回应“。


“Ten out of my 11-person staff are students themselves — working to overcome the obstacles of transitioning to doing all of their courses at home and they are helping their peers throughout all of this,” Spires said. “The 写作中心’s biggest success is definitely the cohort of student and professional tutors we have. I applaud them all for balancing so much during this topsy turvy time and for staying committed to helping others. They fulfill the mission every day in all they do to improve the intellectual 和 social development of students at 底特律 Mercy.”

Ariana Matway is a chemistry major and in the 7-year Doctor of Dental Surgery program 和 has been utilizing The 写作中心 from home.

“这是非常方便的,因为我可以收到即时反馈,而坐在我的睡衣在我的写作作业的工作,” matway说。 “我很感激写作中心提供这个选项的学生。”


“它有时尴尬我看有人读我写的,特别是当他们大声读出来。然而,这消除了对我的感情,”沙基说。 “我认为这将是困难的反馈,但现场客舱是非常有帮助


“We just want everyone to know we are 这里 to help students with their writing assignments,” Spires said. “We can help with anything related to reading and writing in any course at the university. We can help from English to 工程 and beyond. All students have to do is make an account, pick an appointment time, 和 show up online.”

好的网赌平台写作中心更多信息请访问 //www.am2911.com/current-students/writing-center/index.php or contact Spires at spirescc@udmercy.edu.

- 由Dave彭伯顿

Facing the pandemic at Rikers Isl和

Updated 1:34 p.m., April 22

Tyler Harper headshotTyler Harper ’16 was a four-year member of the men's lacrosse team, playing in the 2013 MAAC Championship and on the NCAA Tournament squad. Harper now works in the New York City Department of Corrections at Rikers Isl和.


“我们都面临着全国各地的此相同的流感大流行,你需要能够保持冷静,做你喜欢这里的每一天不是在所有影响到你,”哈珀说。 “是的,这可能是可怕的,因为你知道你在一个正常的一天8小时后不打算回家,你有没有可能16小时,你不知道,如果你接触到它,这甚至服用正确的预防措施。但是这就是我想做的事;我知道会有时候,一切是不是一切正常,安静。这是我们签署了这项工作的人们 - 执法,医疗保健 - 我们都签署了做好这项工作,我们的爱“。


“就像我们都吓坏了,我想他们是害怕,”哈珀说。 “在一个奇怪的方式,它已经有点平静,然后我们通常所说的经历。我们正在努力确保安全,我们正在努力保证他们的安全,而不是暴露了这一点。越少的机会,他们被暴露,机会越少,我们(暴露),所以它的可怕了我们所有人,但我们需要继续做我们的工作。有从那些谁犯了一个错误在那里人们健康的搭配,了解他们犯了一个错误,只是想做好自己的时间,然后回家球员谁一直在闹了不少,团伙成员,这就是他们的生活和他们不得不忍受它。”

For Harper, he knew that he wanted to be involved in law enforcement as a career 和 earned a criminal justice degree at the University. 

“我一直想在执法,因为我是一个小孩子,说:”哈珀。 “我有很多是参与执法,无论是修正或警察部门,这就是我想要做的家庭。我把更正测试的纽约部门,通过了测试,我接到电话约三个月后。去年二月,我去了学院和我毕业在七月开始在赖克斯岛去年8月参加工作。”

Harper knows that his time as a student-athlete prepared him for this position and the mindset that it takes to clock in 和 out every day. 

“这是一个非常实际的工作,精神上也耗尽。我觉得底特律怜悯田径是一部分帮助我得到的是正确的心态,,为了帮助精神的做法我来处理我的工作,让我通过一个12或16小时工作制,”哈珀说。 “平时没事都按计划进行 - 就像运动 - 但作为一个学生运动员,它教会你保持正确的态度和正确的心态,保持冷静,并调整到任何情况,因为这是你需要做什么来赢得。你练习了很多准备去任何情况。”

- 由PJ gradowski

Special precautions for an at-risk population

Updated 8:15 a.m., April 22

Andrea Gamez headshotAndrea Gamez '12 knows t这里 are risks working as a bone marrow transplant physician assistant at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UT Southwestern) during the COVID-19 crisis. But she feels her work is doing everything in its power to keep her safe.

“UT Southwestern has been very informative and our oncology department has been on top of things,” Gamez said. “As employees, we have our temperature checked at the hospital door 和 again on our bone marrow transplant floor.


Gamez said her department normally has more than 30 patients on their floor, but during the recent crisis they typically have less than 10.

“我们正在测试我们所有的患者为covid-19,以保持患者和医护人员安全的休息,”加梅斯说。 “如果我们的病人之一被筛选covid,他们不承认我们的地板,因为我们的患者人群的免疫功能低下的很。”


“We had a patient that was showing signs of COVID (fever, cough, congestion) and I saw the patient in the morning with a mask on,” Gamez said. “Within an hour, we decided to have the patient tested and moved off of our floor to protect our other patients and staff. Every person that entered that patient's room had to give their name and phone number 和 report it to occupational health as a ‘mask exposure.’

“I had to change my clothes as well. I was so scared knowing that I was potentially exposed to a COVID patient. I was scared that I could bring this virus home to my wife and two children. I almost had a panic attack. Two days later, I found out that patient was negative. But it was a reality check that this virus is out t这里 和 very easily contracted.”


“So far, I absolutely love it,” she said.


“我所学到的最从我在底特律怜悯教育是待人以尊严和尊重,”加梅斯说。 “尤其是在这一流行病当患者不能够有他们的家人或访客在医院 - 听着他们 - 用仁慈和尊重他们。”

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Using her extra time to volunteer

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Olivia Rapp volunteering at Forgotten Harvest奥利维亚拉普不是在底特律摆布改变结束她的大四生闷气了。相反,她一直作为优先事项的covid-19大流行期间住在大学的使命。


在covid-19大流行加剧了粮食不安全我们自己的社区,”拉普说。 “只是在帮助我社区的一小部分已超越回报。”

For Rapp, who is in the 5-year MBA program at 底特律 Mercy, the call to help others through the food rescue organization was simple.

“我想志愿者,因为我觉得没有在社会上有更大的需求,现在比以往任何时候,”拉普说。 “因为我能够,我想参与进来,感觉就像我在某种程度上助长。”

Forgotten Harvest has been short-staffed because of the coronavirus, so volunteers like Rapp are crucial as it provides for those in need.

“每个人都那么欣赏,”拉普说。 “这些人正在服用的食物回家给他们的家人,并感谢社会各界的帮助。”

Rapp has tried to make the most of this difficult situation by enjoying time with her family, cooking new foods, having bonfires and game nights, 和 she is looking forward to returning to 底特律 Mercy to wrap up her program.

它的怪异认为我不会让我的大学毕业的相片,让我未来的孩子,”她说。 “但我很高兴能回到明年秋天完成我的工商管理硕士。”

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The cover of the Creative Writing poetry chapbook.英语尼克rombes的底特律怜悯教授想给他介绍了创作类的新分配这个冬季学期:诗歌小册子[13]。在班上每名学生将提交一份诗歌,传记和照片的小册子[13],这是短诗的小集合。

“因为这是积极进取的学生的一个特殊群体,感觉就像一个很好的时间去尝试,” rombes说。 “我们开始在课堂上的第三个星期谈论它,然后学生们开始从类的小册子[13]修订其最好的诗的工作。”



“Fortunately we had already bonded as a class 和 so the conversations about the chapbook flowed easily into the digital realm,” Rombes said.


“没有桑塔纳,就没有小册子[13],” rombes在小册子[13]的前言中说。


“虽然目前还没有具体的主题,一个想法,我看到整个小册子[13]循环是应变能力和诚实,”他说。 “诗是如何归结语言要领独特,可以在方式表达情感的真理,其他写作形式不能。”


“My feeling is of pride in our students, and hope and optimism about the future that will be in their hands,” Rombes said. “Because this was a core class, most of the students are not English majors and many had never written a poem before. The chapbook is a testament to their openness, curiosity, and work ethic and their appreciation of the power of language to unsettle 和 to heal.”

To read "A Few Frigid Pigeons," click 这里.

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Volunteering at COVID-19 testing sites

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Former men's lacrosse student-athlete Jamie Hebden is volunteering at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.前男子曲棍球突出杰米赫布登'13是在密执安州在骨科的大学三年级医科学生,并通过在密歇根州立展览中心帮助辖鼻拭子全市已志愿他的时间。


“大家的齐心协力,拉资源,大家的相互帮助的,”赫布登说。 “这绝对是大开眼界有一个国家对疾病的大规模测试。”

Hebden, who is on break from his medical rotations because of the COVID-19 pandemic, wants to eventually get into emergency medicine and is set to start applying for residency positions in September, depending on the timeframe of the coronavirus p和emic in the country.

"I know there's a shortage of health care workers out here, so who knows what could happen," Hebden said. "Right now, we are scheduled to start my next rotations in the ER on April 20, but it's really up in the air depending on if we have enough PPE for everyone 和 if there's still a shortage in the United States. If we are needed elsew这里, we could help out with other initiatives throughout the state.

“我知道这段时间大家都在那里,努力工作,努力做到最好,”他说。 “如果你能在这段时间捐赠给任何医院或医疗保健机构,医院的医护人员将非常感激。”

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Joyce Wilson-Eder headshot乔伊斯·威尔逊 - 埃德尔从来没有让留乐观的方式她忙碌的生活搞定。她的covid-19危机中更是泛滥成灾,这些天,但是这并没有从积极带来的力量,一切她做的底特律怜悯两个护士和研究生拦住了她。

“我们要在这个非常艰难的情况下保持积极的态度,”威尔逊 - 埃德说。 “所有的坏消息,我们在电视上看到的,我希望人们知道我们有护士,呼吸治疗师,一线反应,所有的人都在非常乱世做伟大的事情。目击者它确实是惊人的。”

Wilson-Eder works as a staff nurse at University of Michigan Hospital and an agency nurse at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor and Chelsea, 和 she’s in her second year of graduate school in 底特律 Mercy’s Family Nurse Practitioner program.

“It helps with mental health because our work is very demanding,” Wilson-Eder said of staying positive. “But we signed up for this. We all know that, and we appreciate the art and nature of nursing. We want to help 和 see people heal.”

Wilson-Eder believes making someone smile can go a long way, even in very stressful situations, like caring for COVID-19 patients.

“I try to inject humor into our work,” Wilson-Eder said. “Sometimes just wearing the gowns 和 the masks, we’re all just sweating under all of this stuff so I’ll say, ‘Hey, we’re going to come out of this 10 pounds lighter.’”


“I see them holding up the phone for the patients who can’t have visitors so they can talk or hear from family members,” Wilson-Eder said. “You should see some of these nurses just going that extra mile. The respiratory therapists that are doing those extra things to make the patients feel like they’re not alone. That’s what’s so positive about what everyone’s doing.”

Wilson-Eder also smiles when she thinks about the camaraderie she has built with her co-workers, who know they can rely on each other.

“I feel rather than focus on some of the negative things we see, let’s just talk about how we’re going to keep each other healthy,” Wilson-Eder said. “It’s like, ‘I’ve got your back. You’ve got mine.’ Just making sure we’re safe when we’re putting on our personal protective equipment, ‘Hey, it doesn’t look like you got a good fit.’ We’re adjusting 和 making sure we’re all safe.”

在底特律怜悯家庭护士执业程序的在线独家移动。威尔逊 - 埃德尔是兼职的计划,因为她的作品,并完成了她三年的第二次。她承认有类网络是不同的,有一个调整期,但她也乐在其中。

“It’s a new way of thinking and I have confidence in the faculty, they are doing the best job that they can in some very unusual circumstances,” Wilson-Eder said. “They’re doing a fantastic job keeping the content interesting 和 engaging.


毕业后威尔逊 - 埃德尔的目标是在初级保健工作。

“I’ve spent so many years in ER and critical care that it’s time for me to dial back and go into my first love, which is primary care,” Wilson-Eder said. “And I would like to return to the city of 底特律 和 offer my services t这里.”

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Ashley Mauser '19, who just recently graduated Ashley Mauser wearing nursing gear 和 pitching last year for the Titans.并且是在去年的地平线联赛冠军垒球队的佼佼者,在皇家橡树波蒙特医疗进步监护病房(MPCU)在她的夜班期间一直在帮助治疗covid-19例。 

"Working on a COVID unit has not been the easiest," Mauser said. "Every shift is mentally, physically 和 emotionally taxing. On a progressive COVID unit, we see how quickly patients can deteriorate from this respiratory virus.



"On a normal day on our unit, we are staffed at 17 nurses and have a 3-to-1 patient to nurse ratio," Mauser said. "To maintain our patient safety with the rate these patients' conditions can decline, we have changed to a 2-to-1 ratio which means we now need 26 nurses to be fully staffed on our 46-bed unit. This requires many of us to pick up overtime shifts and also many nurses get pulled to our unit from other floors. I imagine this will continue to be the norm for the duration of this illness, especially as the number of cases continue to increase 和 peak.”

Mauser credits her classes 和 studies at 底特律 Mercy – along with being a student-athlete — in helping prepare to be a nurse.

"My education and my experiences as a nurse and an athlete have helped me so much in being a COVID nurse," she said. "Not only from a medical standpoint in learning how this illness affects the human body (as more information comes about from studies and the CDC) and managing the plan of care for these patients, but especially the importance of communication 和 teamwork."

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Joe Jessop headshot.Like most college students, Joe Jessop’s world transitioned online this spring due to the COVID-19 p和emic. Included in the many transitions is the 底特律 Mercy junior’s involvement in the University’s Anime Club.


“不像我们,近年来常用的选举,我们不得不使用在线源,底特律怜悯现场,”杰索普说。 “虽然它没有很好地使用或整个学生团体知道,它的工作很好,因为它提供机密性和容易获得的投票平台。”

Jessop, a 5-year Mechanical 工程 student, has experienced the highs and lows of life as a college student during the p和emic.



From biking and exercising to playing video games 和 foosball, Jessop misses spending time with friends. T这里’s also his competitive soccer league, which he had been waiting to resume since its end in October.



No longer does he make the daily two-hour round trip commute from his home in Dexter to the McNichols Campus. It’s also allowed him to get more sleep while reconnecting with high school friends over late-night video game sessions.


T这里’s also more time to dedicate to his hobbies, such as building a phone mount for his new telescope he received for Christmas. Working at NASA or SpaceX is his dream job, 和 he enjoys capturing photos through his telescope to share with friends on snapchat.

“我一直对天体,引力,只是空间本身着迷,”杰索普说。 “我一直在试图用我的手机采取的是我通过镜头看到的图片。这是很难用镜头排队相机,以制造手机安装将是非常有益的。”

- 里奇林赛 

Battling COVID-19 in the Bay Area


Jacob Prudhomme playing soccer前男足学生运动员雅各布Prud'homme共同'16正帮助对抗病毒在加州,因为他的作品在斯坦福医院的一名护士。他来到加利福尼亚二月,就在爆发之前。他的叔叔也是在海湾地区一名护士。

"We were one of the first drive-through testing sites in the nation," Prud'homme said. "We had a lot of surveillance done early. The Bay Area was one of the first places to actually shut down, so we have our fingers crossed that it's not a calm before the storm and it's actually a real-life depiction of what's going on in the community in terms of not inundating us 和 surrounding hospitals. 

"I work on a general cardiac specialty floor so a lot of our patients are getting 'elective procedures,’ ” Prud'homme added. "None of the elective procedures are happening right now because one of our cardiologists has COVID-19 和 as of right now, they've canceled all elective procedures. Right now, we don't have any of those patients, so our floor has been pretty empty just getting ready for a surge of COVID-19 cases.”


“他们总是说好话,他们有能力,”他说。 “我从来没有过一个谈的东西,他们不能够,没有人谈论这一点。有一个真实水平的恐慌。斯坦福大学,在此基础时,发明了自己的测试系统。有一些扰乱。”

Prud'homme共同认为他只是在做他的工作,每天没有问题标题进入工作 - 像许多其他的护士和全国各地的卫生专业人员。

"I couldn't imagine being anywhere else," he said. "I know a lot of my nurse friends feel the same way, no one is walking in with their chin held high each day. This is just another day at the office. T这里 are a lot of people going outside risking getting it, but we are walking right into the trenches 和 we aren't thinking twice about it.

“这只是谁护士和医护人员是,如果你在场上的时候,你是否想过有意识,‘我要去大流行或没有做好准备。’我只是想赞扬这些人的本性 - 他们是谁注定要做到这一点只是普通人“。

- 亚当布顿

Class designed to help businesses run online


Photo of the College of Business' entrance.The COVID-19 crisis has forced many businesses to move exclusively online, a challenge for which many small businesses were not prepared.

底特律 Mercy’s College of Business Administration is working to help business owners and business students learn how to conduct business online with two upcoming courses, e-Commerce Strategies, is a graduate-level course 和 an undergraduate course titled eBusiness.


“We underst和 the burden that the coronavirus has placed on companies that now have to operate virtually for the first time — it’s no longer business as usual,” said Joseph Eisenhauer, dean of the College of Business Administration. “In response, we're offering summer courses online that provide managers with the skills to function effectively in this digital environment."


“金融危机创造了一个新的范例对于很多,说:”特里·霍华德,在底特律怜悯决策科学谁教两门课程的讲师。 “有些人,谁避免或正在拥抱技术的发展中世界的慢,也陷入了适应做工作和业务的新方式。


The eBusiness course provides an understanding of the applications, base line technologies, changing skill sets, and business concepts that organizations need to master in order to manage 和 lead their e-business initiatives.

“电子商务和电子商务的不仅仅是建立一个网站,”霍华德说。 “要取得成功,一个人必须有整合的系统和技术的基础运营企业的基本面。该课程旨在提供电子经营企业的基本面。”

Howard served in the Air Force and earned a bachelor of science in Computer Information Systems in 2003, an MBA in 2005, a Master in Computer Information Systems in 2006 和 a Master of 信息 Assurance in 2007 — all from 底特律 Mercy. He also has a Doctor of Business Administration from Walden University in 2017.


“As a member of the armed forces, I used technology throughout my career,” Howard said. “As I lost the majority of my vision, technology became an even more critical tool to me and my small business. I have had to be creative and innovative in my life and my business. 底特律 Mercy provided me the knowledge and the tools to be successful. After completing my doctorate, I was blessed with the opportunity to return to my alma mater and join the full-time faculty teaching such courses as e-business, business intelligence, operations management, and systems 和 technology.”

For more information about 底特律 Mercy’s business courses, contact Omid Sabbaghi, Director of 毕业 Business Programs, at sabbagom@udmercy.edu 或313-993-1172。

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From the field to the front lines

Sara (Zawacki) Gifford headshot


Sara (Zawacki) Gifford '16, a former Titan women's soccer student-athlete and class Valedictorian, works on an ICU floor at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System in 底特律 和 has been busy on the front lines in the battle with COVID-19. 

Gifford has also picked up more shifts than usual to help out, all while trying to keep herself healthy 和 safe at the same time. 

"Our unit has been pretty full right now, but I've been trying to keep myself well physically and mentally because it's pretty heavy right now," Gifford said. "It's supposed to get even busier. I've been looking into volunteering at the field hospital one day a week, not only to change it up, but just to help out as well. My main focus is being present at work as much as I can h和le."

Gifford, whose husband is former men's lacrosse student-athlete 和 底特律 Police officer Joe Gifford, said one of the biggest challenges for hospitals has been the sudden influx of many critically-ill patients, among other challenges.

“我认为最大的挑战是整个容量的事情,”她说。 “我们从来没有见过危重病人的急,这么多的。也只是把这些人的照顾,而他们都不在话下。经常有在他们的床头有很多家人和朋友的帮助支持他们,所以我们“重新只是一种做护理工作,超出去尽可能多的,你可以的。它已经非常艰难看很多这些人是孤独的,所以试图以平衡的护理护士们已知,努力保持该会并在那里为病人,同时也被完全因为患者数量捉襟见肘,现在“。


“护理课程有一些的东西,我做了作为一个大学生 - 底特律是因为健康不平等现象,我们在底特律怜悯护理计划谈了很多好的网赌平台它是任务为基础,为病毒的一个巨大的热点在底特律,”吉福德说。 “你绝对可以看到和欣赏那些东西。不要犹豫碰上的战斗,因为要训练成在底特律怜悯护士一直是更平等的医疗保健战斗。


- 亚当布顿 

Helping the community through telehealth


Abby Yoo远程医疗已成为人们的医疗保健体验的重要组成部分全国各地的医院和医疗机构成为与covid-19例淹没。

艾比YOO '16,在密歇根州的蓝十字蓝盾注册护士个案经理是做通过该公司的协调护理服务她的一部分。


Under normal circumstances, Yoo contacts Blue Cross members to assist them on a variety of issues to ensure they receive the best medical attention possible. A conduit between members 和 Blue Cross’ vast team of medical professionals, she helps members navigate the healthcare system while educating them about their health, so they can better manage conditions.


“Some of the additional things I do now is educating on infection control and preventive measures, and what to do if they need to see a doctor and when it is time to see a doctor,” she said. “I help them to continue to understand their health and navigate the health system as doctor’s offices are closed or limited in how they provide care during this state of social distancing 和 staying at home when possible. 

我指的成员获得资源,如食物或财政援助在这个困难时期,可能是提供给他们。 I provide emotional support as well as community resources to our members who may be struggling in different ways during this time.”

Yoo sees the many ways this pandemic causes concerns. People are in pain — “physically, mentally, emotionally 和 spiritually,” she said. T这里’s a financial impact with survivability. Her friends in hospitals are on the frontlines, battling the virus while dealing with the lack of protective gear. Patients are dying alone, without the comfort of loved ones.



“I am taking care of myself by praying, reading my Bible, and filling up on the hope and truth I find in a relationship with Jesus,” she said. “My coworkers and I are juggling working from home now and learning to navigate work-life balance. I have a coworker who was able to rent a Pilates machine from her studio to stay fit and active. Exercising and doing activities that are calming 和 relaxing help me as well.

“I have been connecting with friends and family through various platforms, as good company is good for the soul. I also make designated time to disconnect from social media and news. We're encouraged to make new rhythms during this time, and still get up, get dressed and find ways to channel the energy from anxiety and fear into things that are positive 和 productive.”

- 里奇林赛



Jessica Snyder前网赌app|好的网赌平台女子曲棍球学生运动员杰西卡·斯奈德'18无法看到自己其他地方。在最被告知留在家里,由于冠状病毒的流行,斯奈德一时间,像许多其他前泰坦的学生运动员,做了所有她能帮助它战斗在医院的前线。


"I don't think anyone could prepare for this pandemic," Snyder said. "My co-workers who have been on the ICU unit for 20-plus years, they are saying this is new for us too. Just two years out of college, this is a lot to deal with. For me, it feels different, but I still feel like I'm doing my job. I just go to work 和 I'm a nurse. It's my job.”


"To me, personally I like being at work better than being at home. At home, I have to quarantine myself and I don't like being alone," Snyder added. "I like being able to interact with my co-workers 和 treat patients.


Snyder said her time at 底特律 Mercy helped prepare her to work in the field, even if t这里 was no way to prepare for the current p和emic.

"I owe a lot of my success to 底特律 Mercy," Snyder said. "I wouldn't be w这里 I am today without the University. But as far as this pandemic, I don't think anyone could prepare for this. It's just something that you have to deal with, with experience. I will say my skill set and clinicals and theory, medically I was prepared for this. Emotionally 和 psychologically, I don't think anyone could be prepared for this.”


“我们需要每个人都认真对待这一点,补充说:”斯奈德。 “我不认为每个人都意识到这个问题的重要性。还有谁单独死去,因为他们不允许有家人前来的家庭成员。这也得到了一些已经真的很难。


- 亚当布顿

T这里 are lessons to be learned from fear

Updated 10:18 a.m., April 13

Dennis Ortman headshot丹尼斯ortman '95是一​​个心理学家,他的作品也出现了冠状病毒的效果。

患者非常害怕和孤单的感觉。但ortman说增长可以来自恐惧,从孤立的,他考察了这一篇文章贴在我们的校友的博客 //sites.udmercy.edu/alumni/2020/04/13/lets-talk-what-we-can-learn-from-p和emic-panic/.





Jeremy Otto, left, interviews a Titan men's basketball student-athlete.三,四月份通常是在蓬勃发展的世界体坛年度倍,这对广播杰里米·奥托没有什么不同。

Otto, the television play-by-play voice of the 底特律 Mercy men’s basketball team, juggles several broadcasting 和 announcing roles throughout the year. He had been interested in adding his own podcast to the mix “for a little while.” With sports across the world coming to a halt due to COVID-19, Otto decided to put it into motion.


“The fact that I would have no games to call for the foreseeable future certainly pushed me to get it off the ground,” Otto said. “So that, combined with the suggestions of a few people that it might be interesting to hear the different perspectives of people in sports during this time, compelled me to start it.”



“I've had people reach out and thank me for the content, because it's a time where t这里 are no sports to turn to, which has been pretty cool,” Otto said. “I went into it not knowing how many episodes I would record, but it has turned into something that has become fairly regular 和 I expect to continue it as long as COVID-19 continues to impact sports.”


“目的是为了提供幕后,跟上时代的周围的冠状病毒和体育内容,”奥托说。 “有从经济影响的情况,使许多不同的方面,对运动员的企图留在游戏造型,它是如何影响高校招聘,等等。我想播客服务为载体,揭示那些故事,同时还强调指出,运动人员在这个充满挑战的时代社会具有积极的影响。”

“出门运动的”播客可以用 的SoundCloud苹果的播客。更新和预览可在播客的推特发现在 twitter.com/absenceofsports.

- 里奇林赛 

On the front lines 和 in front of students


Louis Davis headshot通过 day, Louis Davis ’18 teaches students as an assistant professor in 底特律 Mercy’s College of 卫生专业 & McAuley School of Nursing. At night, though, he aids patients on Beaumont’s nurse practitioner inpatient transition team.



“我发现,我需要提供给学生比以前多了,因为不是在解决问题,整个类,我会得到多个电子邮件地址,”戴维斯说。 “我发现,通过课程的公告几乎每天都与他们沟通已经帮助减轻了这一点。”

At his Beaumont hospital, Davis helps combat the COVID-19 epidemic by providing “direct patient care from an advanced practice perspective.”

“我评估和治疗的病人在住院手续的地步,”他说。 “我也应对快速响应呼叫和蓝色代码的情况下管理的病人。”

当我们上周采访了戴维斯,他说,有一个显着增加患者在他的医院谁发现covid-19症状。 covid-19的两个观察站出来戴维斯至今。

“最令人惊讶的事情,我注意到一个是有多少人在年轻的年龄组正在经历严重的症状足以需要住院入院,”戴维斯说。 “此外,我还注意到一个病人的病情可以非常迅速和出乎意料的恶化。”


“I have noticed that students are very anxious,” he said. “It has been difficult for many students to be able to focus on their studies when they are dealing with such an unprecedented change in their lives. They are worried about family members, becoming ill themselves 和 their ability to complete their course work.”

戴维斯在底特律怜悯教育 - 他获得了护理实践博士学位的大学在2018年 - 在过去几周帮助指导他。

“我在底特律怜悯教育已经帮我检查从系统的角度,并提供建议,可以在某种程度上会影响患者,工作人员改善病人护理我的做法 - 在一般医疗保健,”戴维斯说。 “作为我们应对医疗服务这个前所未有的变革,它以最高效的方式运行,同时保持我们的病人的安全以及卫生保健工作者是很重要的。这是我的希望,这大流行期间发现的问题将导致彻底改变在意外健康灾难准备“。


“这是一个非常困难的时间去思考自我保健,但我们必须能够照顾自己,以关爱他人,”戴维斯说。 “为了照顾我自己,我试着与我的家人每天检查,并且给我带来安慰。

“As far as co-workers -- kindness and compassion go a long way. We are all trying to be cognizant of what our coworkers are managing through this crisis 和 offering a virtual shoulder to lean on or even cry on.”

- 里奇林赛



Gabrielle Greig headshotLike many nurses, Gabrielle Greig ’17 has been reassigned during the COVID-19 crisis. She typically works in Care Management at Ascension Medical Group, but has been enlisted to help the fight against COVID-19.

“I have been reassigned to work in the Respiratory Care Clinic set up by Ascension at St. Clair Shores to triage calls from patients concerned that they have COVID 和 wanting testing,” Greig said last week. “I have also been screening patients for COVID at the door of my typical place of employment, which is an outpatient primary care practice.”

The increasing number of COVID cases means many healthcare workers are having to adjust on the fly 和 move out of their speciality to help.

“Many patients are experiencing ‘typical’ COVID symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, but t这里 are a lot of patients who haven’t experienced those symptoms,” Greig said. “Instead, they’ve had symptoms like back pain, headache, fatigue, 和 sore throat. These patients with ‘atypical’ symptoms have also been positive.”




“Stay home, wash your hands 和 be thankful for all of the healthcare workers working to help you,” Greig said. “Base all decisions (i.e going out for groceries, etc.) on if it was something you’d recommend to your family member or loved one.”

- 由Dave彭伯顿

Staff member’s plays to be live streamed


罗恩·伯纳斯 headshot.Marketing & 通讯 writer 罗恩·伯纳斯 was intrigued by the call he saw from a theater company asking for microplays inspired by, though not necessarily about, the p和emic.

“我喜欢只有150个字讲故事的想法,”他说。 “它使你只关注绝对必要的,同时还试图让东西是不是只是一个小品。”

“感动”是结果,它会在今晚7点半(周三,4月8日)与其他大约60 150字起着开始就受到一分钟剧团,其自称为美国剧院的国家社会晴雨表项目得到执行。从剧作家超过600件作品从列入omtc的“冠状病毒剧”在世界各地将在未来10天剧团,大学剧院节目和其他人在变焦执行。





Goral said the company is among the best-known theaters in the country when it comes to comedy and they are livestreaming plays that had been lying around on Artistic Director Andrzej Nejman’s desk to keep audiences connected and entertained during stay-at-home orders. Actors connect from their homes 和 the production is performed as a “table read,” with no stage movement.


看“冠状病毒剧,”你必须在此处填写表格 //docs.google.com/.../1faipqlsdenm-rg8d2uhwn9d.../viewform 你会被发送变焦会议代码。没有链接目前可用于的“三多一少杀人从来没有伤害过任何人”的性能,但它会直播视频在YouTube的上。 

Nurses cope by sharing successes


Two masks that are helpful during COVID-19.当埃里克jakovac '11与我们上周谈到,有20条正面covid-19的患者在他的博蒙特迪尔伯恩地板。而他和其他工作人员  合作,帮助这些患者得到更好的,jakovac,临床护理管理者,也有其他人在他的脑海:他的工作人员。

The healthcare workers in the hospitals are dealing with a great deal of stress. There are a lot of patients, many of whom are scared 和, due to quarantine rules, don’t have the support of friends or family at their bedsides. There is a lot of uncertainty. There are long hours. There is death. And t这里 is the real possibility that they could infect their family.

“One of the things Beaumont does very well is keeping the staff informed, first and foremost,” Jakovac said. “The staff is being inundated with changes in policies and staffing ratios and these changes come every day as we learn more information about what’s happening. We’re keeping them informed to calm their fears. When you’re 这里, you’re seeing it, 和 it’s scary.”

Focusing on the positives – the number of patients going home rather than the number of patients coming in – is important, Jakovac said.



“我最喜欢的事情是员工愿意在跳,当事情看起来坏的关心,”他说。 “我们联合起来,共同努力。这是惊人的,并可以将在危机面前做什么的人。”

One of the biggest challenges? The patients are not allowed visitors, which is an important aspect of the recovery process in any circumstances.


“有一天,我坐在病人半小时,”他说。 “我们只是聊天,因为这是需要在什么时候这个病人。”

The stress doesn’t end when the shift does, he said. When Jakovac goes home to his wife and young child he doesn’t even interact with them until after he has thoroughly cleaned himself 和 changed his clothes.

“有这样的担心:我可能是谁带给这个家的人,”他说。 “但我们相信,在我们的程序,我们知道我们在保护我们的家庭。”

While there is a lot of stress just getting through the day, Jakovac, who is currently in the Master of Health Science Administration program at 底特律 Mercy, said he expects t这里 will be long-term consequences of this p和emic.


- 由Ron伯纳斯

Helping dental patients from afar


Bill Huszt 和 his wife Anna Chong-Huszti, directly in front of him, with the team at Huszti Dental Care in Milford.由自我封闭的订单中断帮助阻止冠状病毒的传播的许多事情,牙科手术还没有得到重视。


“If a patient needs a crown, the process is to create a temporary one they wear for a short amount of time while the permanent one is being made,” said Bill Huszti ’92, who has operated Huszti Dental Care in Milford with his wife Anna Chong-Huszti ’92 for more than 25 years. “But with the closures, many of these patients are wearing them for a longer time than they were designed for 和 may loosen or come off.”

huszti,对他们来说,视频制作是一种爱好,决定,而不是让他的病人 - 谁可能是担心这个任何人 - 他会做一个教学视频。

在书中,他展示了如何避免临时冠就位牙膏的一点点关怀和一点点。你可以看到它在huszti牙齿护理的YouTube的频道在这里 //www.youtube.com/user/milforddentist, w这里 you can see other instructional videos

“我想帮助平息人们的恐惧,” huszti说。 “这是一个快速解决这种意愿,希望拯救他们有些担心。”

Bill Huszti and Anna Chong met at Detroit Mercy Dental 和 were married shortly after graduation. They have two daughters. Their oldest, Olivia, is a freshman in 底特律 Mercy’s 7-year Dental program; her sister Sophia will join her in the same program in the fall.


“在此艰难时刻,我们都已经呼吁留在家里,”他写道在他的网站。 “我和我的工作人员,这已经很努力了。我们想念我们的患者和对方非常多。”

— 通过 罗恩·伯纳斯

高校休闲 offers virtual workouts


高校休闲 logoIncluded in the state’s executive order to close businesses to slow the spread of the coronavirus are fitness centers 和 gyms.

Matt Chesley, manager of 底特律 Mercy University Recreation and a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, has the solution for fitness fanatics looking for at-home exercises. Chesley 和 the 高校休闲 team have been posting fitness videos on social media since mid-March but are started live classes through Instagram的 Live.

高校休闲将在下午5:30举办这些训练每周四天。 barraka巴伯'18,在底特律怜悯网络管理员的部门,上周一和周三,而在周四和周五切斯利引线类的主机类。

“到目前为止,我们只发布了几篇简短的视频,但反馈已经很不错了,”切斯利说。 “我们打算做满20至30周分钟的课程。”


“We all agreed it was important to keep our users engaged and active,” Chesley said. “This quarantine period is making it real easy to just sit back 和 relax, but it’s really important to stay active to live a healthy life.


Chesley’s Instagram的 Live classes will be virtual versions of what he teaches at 底特律 Mercy’s Student 健身中心. Thursday is dedicated to his Butts and Guts course, while Friday is for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 高校休闲 is still determining what type of courses Baber will teach on Mondays 和 Wednesdays.


那些有兴趣在大学的娱乐活动健身视频可以访问其Facebook的页面 facebook.com/底特律MercyRec。参加Instagram的的直播课程,遵循大学休闲活动 instagram.com/detroitmercyrec.

— 里奇林赛

Simulations keep nursing students learning


Students walking in front of the College of 卫生专业 building during an archived photoshoot.When 底特律 Mercy announced in early March it was moving classes online for the rest of the semester, the first question on the minds of many in the College of 卫生专业 & McAuley School of Nursing was, “How will students do their clinical requirements online?”


“They’re doing multiple V-sims every week w这里 they can look at the patient and assess what’s going on,” 底特律 Mercy Adjunct Professor Barbara Finkenbine said. “When the situation changes, they react to the changes and continue through the scenario. The simulator will then grade them as to how well their reactions were 和 what they could have done better, what they could have changed.

“The School of Nursing has been really good in putting together all these alternative ways of teaching, 和 being available to us when we say we need some help navigating because, let’s face it, this is new for all of us.”


“是100%相同,具有医院实习?” finkenbine问。 “不,当然不是。我认为这是给他们一些不同的情况下,一些良好的洞察力和我们做了很多的讨论,因此,当他们走出去,他们将有大量的信息,并能够处理这些病人。甚至当我们在日常临床情况有他们,没有什么是完美的。我们不能为一切做好准备。有很多值得我们学习的护士,因为我们去。”

Many of Finkenbine’s students are set to graduate in May and have jobs lined up, so they were worried when the online announcement was made. Finkenbine said most of their concerns have been addressed 和 they are continuing to prepare for life after graduation.

“They are finding the virtual sim is a learning technique that has really come a long way in the last year or two,” Finkenbine said. “These scenarios that have been developed 和 created have been very interesting. The students get to do the scenarios more than once. And I think the students, from our discussions, feel like they’re learning a lot.”


“他们正在学习像我们通常会在一天或一周结束的最后一个临床情况做的,”她说。 “它也鼓励他们反思并寻找东西,做一些研究。这就是我们做的是定期的护士。”

- 由Dave彭伯顿

Ensuring help for homeless people


The Pope Francis Center downtown is continuing its work at a social distance in 底特律 Mercy Law’s student parking lot.法律的学生停车场上拉尼德街道的底特律怜悯学校的covid-19危机期间被改变用途。

With tents up 和 heaters on, it has become a space for 底特律’s homeless population to receive services while practicing social distancing.

For years, the Pope Francis Center, which operates next door to Detroit Mercy Law’s downtown building, has provided hot meals and a safe place to rest for 底特律’s homeless community. But on March 16, the center decided to close its doors to protect the health of guests 和 volunteer in light of the COVID-19 crisis.


So, Fr. Tim McCabe, S.J., executive director of the Pope Francis Center, called 底特律 Mercy Law Dean Phyllis L. Crocker to ask whether the center could use the student parking lot to continue to offer services.

“I immediately said yes. We are not using the lot right now,” Crocker said. “It just seemed like the right thing to do. And, frankly, an easy thing to do. It will make a positive difference for our community.”

Large tents in the parking lot mean meals can be served and medical checks can take place, all while practicing safe social distancing. Additionally, at the request of 底特律 Mayor Mike Duggan, a truck equipped with showers and restrooms will be provided by a company used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency 和 parked in the student lot, allowing for these services to continue with social distancing for the Center’s guests.

— 本乎恩亨宁 

The MCD open house had to move online during the epidemic, as shown by these computer images of the open house.



Virginia Stanard realized she had two choices after the in-person open house for the Master of 社区 Development (MCD) program she directs was canceled: Attempt to reschedule the event or try to go all online.

“我原本以为有关取消或推迟开放的房子,因为我们无法亲自做,”斯塔纳德说。 “但是我们的应用程序是时间敏感,这是我们今年最大的招聘活动,所以我认为这将是一个真正的错过机会,无法适应和网上去。”


“I really enjoy coming together and reconnecting with our students, faculty, alumni 和 community partners for this event,” Stanard said. “We have such a committed MCD community that regularly gives their time for the program.”

The open house took place over the platform Zoom and lasted roughly 90 minutes. The event included a 20-minute presentation from Stanard and then a question-and-answer portion with the faculty, students, alumni 和 community partners.

“我主持了整个事件让事情移动和轨道上,”斯塔纳德说。 “我们也保持了实时聊天饲料去这是有益的和有趣。我们有非常积极的反馈,该事件是有帮助的“。

One of the positives of moving the open house online was students from out of state 和 even out of the country could attend.

"It was such an inspiration for me to meet everyone attending the meeting and to hear firsth和 about the program,” said prospective student Susanne Lager from Sweden. “It gave me so much good energy going forward.”


“我认为这应该是一个普通的补充,我们在人的情况下,”斯塔纳德说。 “我认为我们至少应该举行网上公开或内部信息交流会每年两次接触到更多的观众。


- 由Dave彭伯顿



Samantha Zakalowski ’18 headshot.The following was sent to the Marketing & 通讯 Department by Samantha Zakalowski ’18.

I got my BSN from Detroit Mercy while running cross-country and track t这里 as well. I’m currently travel-nursing around the United States 和 am currently in 里诺, Nev. Prior to this I worked at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in 底特律.


As I said, I am very fortunate right now not to be battling the true frontlines of this virus. I know others in my hospital are. They are stressed and scared and unsure about all of these protocols and lack of protection and swabbing vs. not swabbing patients. I have witnessed the domino effects this virus has put on hospitals and hospital staff; it isn’t pretty for anyone, from nurse managers to CRNAs to janitors. It’s scary, but as a whole we’ve managed to pull together and help as much as we can with the circumstances 和 supplies or lack of supplies we have.






Mary Kate McNally headshot底特律怜悯高级玛丽·凯特·麦克纳利已经花了近两年的研究和写作她的优秀论文,其中探讨了黑色的废奴主义者威廉·韦尔斯·布朗的说辞。她被选为在科学和字母(MASL)会议在三月密西根学院根据她的论文。

But she received notice the spreading coronavirus led to cancellation of the conference. She was disappointed, but looked forward to defending her work on campus. Then, in-person classes 和 events were closed.

“我很失望,”她说。 “我以为我将永远无法提出这项研究。”


“所有的论文防御被取消,”哈里森说。 “她很失望。但我知道她这么好,因为我与她每星期工作了三个学期,我知道该委员会的休息,我想,'我们可以做到这一点。”

哈里森说,“我们仍然可以做到这一点,但它必须是数字,” McNally称。 “我说是的。”

论文, Br’er Rabbit, Anansi, 和 the Fugitive Slave: The Influence of African-American Trickster Figures on the Rhetoric of William Wells Brown, 着眼于如何棕色,当代弗雷德里克·道格拉斯,从非裔美国人民间传说中的人物招摇撞骗就业战术,提高认识和支持废除奴隶制。


From her living room, where her family gat这里d with her, McNally made her presentation to her committee 和 a few other professors, over the Blackboard online-class platform most 底特律 Mercy students are using to attend online classes.

“我认为这是良好的替代品,你可以在这些时间得到的,” finkenbine说。

T这里 were a few technical difficulties, but things smoothed themselves out and McNally demonstrated her mastery of the subject by answering questions from the honors committee, which included English Professor 和 Director of the 荣誉计划 Nick Rombes.


“这是令人惊异,我看到她捍卫她的论文这样一来,”他说。 “我很自豪地看到这些学生如何适应这么好所有这些突然的变化。”

McNally was thrilled to present her work.

“做所有的研究和写作,并没有能够提出之后,真的,真的非常令人失望,”她说。 “这就是好的网赌平台底特律怜悯这样一个特殊的事情。它足够小,教授知道你,并愿意工作这样的事情为你“。



Preparation started in February


Kevin Peshl '12, '18, far left, 和 his team, featuring several 底特律 Mercy alumni, started preparing for COVID-19 in February.凯文peshl '12,'18  一直努力通过他的一些商业企业,在过去的几个星期,以打击covid-19的危机。

As chief executive officer of HC Enterprise Solutions, a healthcare consulting company in Bloomfield Hills, Peshl strategically guides clients in Michigan and across the country to ensure people are receiving proper care. He also underst和s the clinical side of the crisis as co-owner of Frenchtown Urgent Care in Monroe.

Peshl and his team, consisting of more than a dozen 底特律 Mercy graduates, started preparing for COVID-19 in February by ordering extra equipment and medicine to ensure the safety of his staff 和 the community.

“We knew it was getting big,” Peshl said.

Frenchtown Urgent Care serves Wayne and Monroe counties and parts of northeast Ohio. The clinic has helped Beaumont Hospital in Trenton 和 ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital with testing for the immediate area.

“In our clinics, we don’t have bed space. We can’t admit anybody,” Peshl said. “It makes more sense that we help alleviate that stress and tension 和 do some of the basic testing for those who are not severe.”

Monroe County performed poorly in a human mobility study performed by Unacast, a data service which examined travel 和 social distancing nationally from Feb. 28 to March 9. Michigan received an ‘A’ grade but Monroe County was graded ‘F.’

Peshl and his team have used their resources to educate the community on COVID-19 through blog posts on the Frenchtown Urgent Care website 和 social media. Monroe County’s grade imroved to a ‘C’ in Unacast’s latest report based on data from March 11 to March 23.

“我们的博客文章,我们的社交媒体帖子,和我们的网站教育直接支持社会疏远,自我隔离和限制旅行的努力,” peshl说。

peshl拥有两个学位从网赌app|好的网赌平台 - 硕士卫生服务管理的学士学位和生物学的科学 - 与MBA预计今年春天。

“我利用一切,我曾经在我的研究生院了解到,无论是MBA和MHSA,所有的时间,” peshl说。

从他在精神卫生署计划一个时刻的covid-19危机中脱颖而出:他的第一类程序,法律方面的问题,与兼职教授SAIF kasmikha。

“I remember my first grad school class, and the professor saying, ‘Even if you aren’t a provider, you will utilize every aspect of this class as well as every other class you take in this program going forward, whether you think so or not. So just make sure you are taking it seriously.’ He just left it at that, and that really hit home with me.” Peshl said. “Three 和 a half years later, I’m remembering that.”

It’s critical that healthcare workers are t这里 for each other during times like these, Peshl said. He’s lent an ear for in-patient colleagues to vent about the situation, 和 starts each morning by checking in with his team via text.

“I’m always 这里 – everybody on my team knows this – if they need something to vent about,” Peshl said. “I’d rather them know that they can come to me and vent 和 get that off their chest. You can’t hold that in.


- 里奇林赛


Updated 12:30 p.m., March 31

Three students pose in front of The HIVE's food bank. The HIVE is looking for ways to provide much needed services for students when no one is on campus.粮食不安全是在底特律怜悯非常真实的,它的一些蜂箱试图地址。

Founded a year ago by Dohna Dudley, a student in the 5-year BS/MBA program who is also majoring in criminal justice, HIVE’s mission is to offer support to the 46.5% of 底特律 Mercy students who said they experience food insecurity.

“有必要”,达德利从她的家在俄亥俄州说。 “我试图找出如何操作。我只是不认为我们与大家在家工作的能力。”


“粮食不安全是经济实惠,富有营养的食物进不去了,”杜德利说。 “每天晚上吃面条,或快餐每顿饭,因为这是所有你能负担得起,那就是粮食不安全。”

The HIVE operates as a store in Room 41 of 里诺 Hall. Students from any of 底特律 Mercy’s three campuses come to shop for food or hygiene items. Dudley calls The HIVE’s inventory “additional resources” because it removes some of the stigma. Students do not have to prove need: “Our assumption is that the student is coming to us because they have need 和 we are t这里 to help.”




Dudley is a member of the Class of 2020, 和 though her graduation has been postponed, she said that is not her biggest worry. She wishes she was on campus to organize The HIVE’s transition to ensure it lasts long after her graduation.

“我的解决方案为导向,我不认为这个时候已经是一种消极的,”她说。 “我使用的这个时间让我的心在一起无论接下来会发生。但我觉得不好,我是不是有帮助的人。蜂巢是我的孩子,我想念它。”

你可以通过它的群众集资网站支持蜂巢的工作 justgiving.com/campaign/thehive.

- 由Ron伯纳斯



Shannon Wills ’13, pictured wearing scrubs 和 a mask, has helped Henry Ford Health System's fight against COVID-19.香农遗嘱'13的covid-19危机期间有效地拿起了第二份工作。

She is a physician assistant for the Oncology department at Henry Ford Macomb, 和 now volunteers to help the hospital’s COVID-19 response team.

“他们做出了电话,所以我自告奋勇我的时间来帮助他们在周末,”威尔斯说。 “在一周内,我必须把我的癌症患者的治疗。”

Wills is assisting the COVID-19 response team by fielding phone calls, helping nurses place orders, talking to physicians who need patients admitted, assisting with discharging patients 和 updating the family members of admitted patients.


“T这里 is no way that they would ever be able to leave at the end of the day to get some rest without our help,” Wills said. “Any of us who are working in the hospital right now, no matter what your position is, we’re all going through the same things and it’s difficult. It’s challenging having to answer the patients’ questions and the family members’ questions. And talking to family members who want to come see their loved ones and can’t. It makes it very difficult because they can’t come into the hospitals right now to see their loved ones, to hold their h和s.”


“我认为,当这一切开始了,你的那种坐下来,你在这个模式下,你只是在等待,看看有什么事情发生的时候,”威尔斯说。 “那么第一种情况来通过和你想,‘好吧,这是一个情况。’然后第二案情经过,‘好吧,这是只有两个。’那么在过去的两个星期,你看到的数字新闻,我们知道它之前,亨利·福特West Bloomfield的是能力,亨利·福特主要是能力。



“不幸的是我们的一些病人已经在公众暴露出来,真的没有办法来避免它在这一点上,短大家只是待在家里,”威尔斯说。 “我们的病人,我们已经习惯了他们受到损害化疗。在流感季节,我们的那种斜升,“确保你洗你的手,一定要很小心,不要在公共场所出去。”但是这除了一切,它只是这么多复杂。 ”

Through it all Wills, who earned a Master of Science in Physician Assistant from University of Detroit Mercy, is thankful for her education at 底特律 Mercy because it prepared her to be a medical professional immediately after graduation.

“I don’t think you can be better prepared than going to Detroit Mercy,” Wills said. “I always make the joke that there’s no mercy at Detroit Mercy when you go through those programs. They are rigorous 和 they need to be. You’re taking care of people’s lives so they need to be. I was better prepared to do what I’m doing now coming through 底特律 Mercy than anyw这里 else.



“注意安全,挂在那里,并洗手,”威尔斯说。 “如果你没有被淘汰,留在家里。”

- 大卫·彭伯顿


Updated 11:55 a.m., March 30

Before the p和emic, groups of students got to know University neighbors as they made food deliveries, as seen 这里. They are now leaving packages on the porches.宽限期赌博在底特律怜悯开始了她的位置在三个星期前。她的头衔是对食品公正和可持续发展项目经理;简单来说,她跑校园厨房,学生跑组织,其使命是使学生解决粮食司法问题在校园和社区。

“It’s been interesting,” Gamble said.


Currently bags of produce and other food are being delivered to 15 homes on Princeton Street, mainly to senior citizens. In normal times, the students are invited into the house 和 get to know the University’s neighbors.


Gamble said she hopes to see 校园厨房 grow in community and leadership and is using this unexpected time away from campus to look into ways of expanding food deliveries, engage with students through remote meetings 和 look for ways to implement student ideas, such as pantry staple recipe sharing with the community.

您可以通过在其集资页面支持校园厨房工作 justgiving.com/campaign/campuskitchen.

— 由Ron伯纳斯

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